Orzate: Protein peptides for muscle performance.

Roman gladiators knew a thing or two about strength and training. Known as oordii, or barleymen, barley was a key component of their diet and training. This was where training = survival! Zea10 developed Orzate with today's modern gladiator in mind – our patent-pending process isolates protein, both barley and rice, to produce small to medium peptides that maximize strength and muscle growth.

  •  Hydrolyzed for rapid absorption
  •  No lactose
  •  Plant Based peptides
  •  50% peptides <2,500
  •  Low to no fat <0.5%
  •  >80% protein
  •  High glutamine content

Ingredient Characteristics

Orzate protein powder is a natural ingredient that supports a clean label. It can be used in a wide range of liquid and solid performance food products and nutritional supplements.

  • Clean flavor, no aftertaste or grittiness
  • Highly soluble
  • Minimal viscosity impact
  • Natural color
  • Stable in solution at multiple pH ranges