Barley protein isolate: Naturally powerful.

Zea10’s protein isolates are innovative, high-quality barley and rice protein ingredients that are all natural, Aqua-Processed™ and source traceable.

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The world’s oldest functional food.

Barley is an ancient grain that was revered by early civilizations for its nutritional benefits. Ancient brewers learned how to utilize barley to make beer, and now at Zea10, we are extending the usefulness of barley from breweries.

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High-performing ingredients.

Our protein ingredients perform well in liquids and solids. They fit the requirements for clean-label products—and taste great. Add Zea10 protein isolates to enhance nutrition in your food products.

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Sustainable by nature.

Zea10 sources our base material from brewers. Without requiring any additional land, we’re tapping into the abundant high-quality barley and rice nutrition that is available after the brewing process.

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Developed by people who want to feed the world.

We are innovators, food scientists and engineers who have made it our mission to improve the health of people around the world through sustainable nutrition.

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